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Standard Parts of a Furnace in Isanti, MN; Blower Motor, Burners, Supply Air Plenum, Return Ducts & More

Available to consumers are four types of furnaces that include electric, duel fuel, oil, and gas. Gas furnaces are the most efficient type as recognized by EnergyStar®. Using the outside’s fresh air, as much as 98% fuel efficiency is accomplished in modern gas furnaces. Today, we at North Country Aire would like to discuss the…

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How to Extend the Life of Your Furnace in Hinckley, MN; Maintenance, Programmable Thermostat & More

Throughout Minnesota, homeowners are relying on the heating system and for those with a furnace, many would like to extend its use for as long as possible. Furnaces, depending on quality and care, average about 15 years. To help you reach that and potentially longer, we at North Country Aire would like to share a…

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Furnace Problems in Braham, MN; Broken Thermostat, Intermittent Pilot Ignition & More

Furnaces will eventually suffer some bumps and issues during their lifespan. Though rare, some problems develop due to poor installation, however, through time and use, furnaces require repairs. In some instances, furnace malfunctions may result in the need for a furnace replacement, however, more often than not, the problems the furnace faces can be easily…

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