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How Do I Know if My AC Needs Repair or Replacement in Isanti, MN? Uneven Cooling & More

How do you know if you need an AC system repair or replacement? Your HVAC system has many parts that make it work properly. The good news is that there are a few signs that come with your HVAC system when it is not working properly. It is always smart to know what the signs are so that you can call and get it fixed when something goes wrong. North Country Aire delve into these signs below.

Strange Sounds from AC System

If your HVAC system is running well, it should be fairly quiet. If you hear any sounds such as grinding, squealing, or clicking then you have a problem going on with your HVAC.
– Grinding sound – If you are hearing a grinding sound, it most likely is the blower or fan belt grinding against something. You should not ignore this. It will not go away unless it is fixed. If you let it go too long, it could cause a bigger problem with your system.
– Squealing sounds– When you hear this sound, it could be the fan bearings or the compressor. Also, if it is left or ignored, it will cause bigger problems.
– Clicking sound – If you are hearing a clicking sound it could be that there is a loose part somewhere in your HVAC system or you have a refrigerant leak. Both are things that need to be fixed and not left and ignored.

Uneven Cooling in Rooms

Have you ever walked into different rooms of your home and felt like one room is hotter or colder than the others? This is common but it is not something you want to just leave. If you are having this issue, it could be you have blocked or leaking air ducts, dirty air filters (which will need to just be replaced), or your HVAC system is not the correct size for your home. Each one of these could be the reason why you have one room that has a different temperature than the others.

Air Conditioning Bills Increase Drastically

It is normal for an increase or decrease in bills depending on the season, but if you have noticed a massive spike in your bill, then something is wrong with your HVAC. This could be because of the age of your system, or you have worn out components which can lead to high energy consumption.

Thermostat Not Working

If your thermostat is malfunctioning, it can cause your HVAC system to not be as efficient and become overworked. It could increase the workload of your HVAC system, causing you to have higher bills because it is not working properly. If you fix the thermostat it may fix the cost of your bills plus your HVAC working properly again.

Blower Motor is Too Dirty

Your blower motor helps circulate the air throughout your home and if it gets dirty it puts a strain on your HVAC causing breakdowns or increased energy usage. Getting it regularly cleaned can help keep your HVAC working.

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It is always important to know the signs that something is going on with your AC system. It makes it a lot easier for a repair at the beginning of something going wrong versus letting your AC system go until it breaks down. If something is going wrong with your HVAC system, then give North Country Aire a call.

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