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How to Extend the Life of Your Furnace in Hinckley, MN; Maintenance, Programmable Thermostat & More

Throughout Minnesota, homeowners are relying on the heating system and for those with a furnace, many would like to extend its use for as long as possible. Furnaces, depending on quality and care, average about 15 years. To help you reach that and potentially longer, we at North Country Aire would like to share a few suggestions on how to extend the furnace’s life.

Programmable Thermostat Installation

When you make your furnace work overtime, the imminence of early retirement is nigh. With unnoticed over usage of the furnace and you enjoy the comforts it offers; the longevity is reduced. The furnace simply won’t last without the right balance of the furnace’s usage. A smart or programmable thermostat is a cost-effective fix as it offers more efficiency reduces the risk of human error. The usage of your heating system is controlled, and best done with programmable thermostats. With the preset schedule that adjusts the temperature of your home, the adjusting temperature of your home based on time of day and season, the heat is adjusted down at night and during the day when no one is around. The furnace’s longevity can be increased all while saving money and energy.

Air Sealing Techniques; Stop Air from Leaking Around Doors, Windows & More

The air leaks will rob the warm air the furnace worked so hard to make. Being that the furnace is pushed to work harder and longer as the air leaks drain your home of that warm air, the lifespan of the furnace decreases. The basements, bathroom and kitchen vents, as well as the door, windows, and walls allow air to infiltrate through the small gaps and spaces around these locations. The comfort of your home improves, the drafts are prevented, and the furnaces projected lifespan can increase when the home is efficiently properly sealed and insulated. You can find any existing air leaks around the doors and windows by placing a lit incense stick in front of them. You have leaks should the smoke move in a different direction. However, if the smoke rises up, you do not have any leaks. Weather stripping and caulking can be used to fill the spaces with weather stripping and caulking.

Air Filter Changes

Filthy, old filters slowly filters will need replacing to protect the furnace. The neglected filters will cause the filters to lose their life. To prevent debris and dirt from entering the furnace, the air filters function to capture the contaminates and make the air cleaner. To move the air, the furnace is required to work much harder when the filters are heavily coated with layers of dirt. Because dirt and dust are covering the filter there is additional resistance and the furnace fan will need to work hard to overcome. Your furnace will need to run longer in order to raise the temperature since less air is moving through the system. To maximize the furnace’s performance and longevity, replace the filters every 4-6 weeks.

Routine Furnace Maintenance Schedule

On a routine basis, it is encouraged to have your furnace maintained so you can avoid the disappointment of getting your furnace repaired and even replaced. Contributing to a furnace’s longer life, a professional tune-up service should be conducted regularly.

Furnace Inspection, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Repair, Tune Up Maintenance & More in Mora, Ogilvie, Grasston, Quamba, Cambridge, St. Francis, Oak Grove, North Branch & Greater Isanti, Minnesota

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