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DIY Furnace Maintenance & When to Call for Professional Heating Repair in Pine City, MN

Furnaces can experience complications throughout the season, and the common issues, and not so common problems are always better off in the hands of a pro, there are a few things a homeowner can do before calling the licensed expert. With this in mind, we at North Country Aire would like to offer solutions for the homeowner, and list a few common problems better suited for professional repair.

Changing Air Filters

A major source of problems for a furnace is clogged air filters. The clogged air filter is most likely to blame should the furnace turn on but won’t blow hot air very long. Dirt buildup reduces the airflow throughout the system, causing the furnace to shut down. Always check your air filters first when your furnace is not operating accordingly. According to the type of filter, clean or replace any clogged air filters.

Furnace Circuit Breaker Trip

The circuit breaker tripping can be due to quite a few circumstances. Inspect the circuit breaker and locate the switch designated for the furnace. In the event the breaker tripped, be sure to flip it all the way off and then, back to the on position.

Home Thermostat Problems

Inspect the thermostat next if after you have checked the air filters and they been replaced without any changes. The furnace may have had an incident that altered the settings, or the battery may have died. Make certain the desired temperature is set on your furnace and confirm it is set to “heat”, rather than “air” or “off.”

Furnace Ignition Won’t Light

Standing pilot lights are not usually featured on modern furnaces, and instead they modern gas furnaces either intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition to start. To keep the furnace ready to start, there is no longer constant burning of a small amount of gas, making the modern versions more efficient. The thermostat activates the furnace running electricity through the igniter and heating it up. The igniter is basically a thin piece of metal, similar to a standard light bulb, where over time and use, it wears down eventually. Other problems and even hazardous predicaments can manifest besides the typical wear the ignition system endures. A certified specialist can safely and efficiently repair the furnace when the furnace needs repair beyond the filters and thermostat adjustments.

Furnace Blower Motor Problems

The blower can have a few complications, though, it usually stems from the blower belt. When the blower or the blower belt suffers problems, it frequently produces a high-pitched sound. Call a licensed professional for proper diagnosis and repair should you hear these high-pitched sounds.

Dirty Furnace Burners

The heated air the furnace produces with the assistance of the burner is delivered throughout the home via the air ducts. Despite the efficient operation of the ignition system, the burner may not and in some cases, the burner may not light at all. You need to ensure you allow the pros take care of the issue since this requires internal assessments and repairs by certified professional.

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