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Gas Furnace Troubleshooting in Mora, MN; Making Grinding or High Pitched Noise, Not Heating & More

Furnaces are designed to keep us warm and comfortable. When they fall short, the occupants of the building will be inefficiently warmed. As we are coming to rely on the furnace more readily in Greater Mora, Minnesota, many homeowners may be noticing, or may eventually notice as the cold seasons progress, common issues concerning their furnace. Today, we at North Country Aire would like to explain a few of the most common furnace problems.

Why Does My Furnace Make a Loud Noise when it Turns On?

There are a couple of things that could be going on should a loud pop when your furnace kicks on. A dusty furnace burner or ignitor are the two likely culprits. A loud bang can be heard when the gas finally ignites. If one of these small explosions caused the heat exchanger to crack, it can put all of the home’s occupants safety at risk. Replacing the heat exchanger, which can be very pricey will be required to avoid occupants being exposed to a dangerous carbon monoxide leak. After the heating system blower starts up the expanding and contracting air ducts can also create loud bangs. This is especially common on metal ductwork. Loud bangs can also be a symptom of undersized ducts, obstructed vents, or a clogged air filter.

Furnace Making Grinding Noise

There is likely something amiss with the blower wheel should you hear a loud scraping sound that sounds like metal on metal. If you do hear this, call a heating and A/C expert immediately to investigate the furnace. Where there are quite a few reasons to this issue, the blower wheel might simply be loose, and if there is no damage to it, it can be easily tightened. Another is a worn blower wheel which need replacing, or the motor mount is broken resulting in an uncontrollable shaking blower assembly.

My Furnace Makes a High Pitched Noise

It could be the shaft bearings are in need of oil, a faulty blower motor, or an issue with the blower belt if you hear a high-pitched noise coming from the furnace. A seasonal tune-up can target the cause and make the necessary repairs or adjustments.

Cold Air Blowing Out of Vents when Heat is On

With several causes, the cool air can be deriving from a thermostat inefficiency. Confirm the system is set to “auto” and not “on.” Even when it isn’t heating the air being released, thus blasting cold air, the thermostat is set to “on,” your heating system will blow continuously. Ensuring it is set to “auto”, will keep it warm.
Next, check the air filters. Filters should be changed every 1-3 months; if you live in a dusty area, have multiple occupants in the home, smokers, those who suffer from allergies and asthma, as well as indoor pets should have their air filters changed more frequently. Air flow that is restricted can prevents warm air from getting distributed. Faulty ducts can also be to blame, if the connections are poor, there are leaks, or bad design, the warm air may not be able to reach the individual rooms. Not only will the rooms not be comfortably warm, but you will likely see a difference in the utility bills.

Furnace Inspection, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Repair, Tune Up Maintenance & More in Mora, Ogilvie, Grasston, Quamba, Cambridge, St. Francis, Oak Grove, North Branch & Greater Isanti, Minnesota

Many issues that arise with your furnace can be avoided with a tune-up service, however, wear and tear naturally cause some issues as well. Whether you want to schedule your furnace tune-up, require repairs or need other related services, call North Country Aire and let our certified experts take care of you and your furnace!

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