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Central Air Conditioner Making Buzzing, Pulsating, Squealing or Other Loud Noise in Bradford, MN

When your home’s air conditioning system begins to make strange and/or loud noises, you may be concerned, and so you should! Air conditioner units will sometimes make noises when running and switching on or off. However, when new odd or loud noises develop, they are often a sign of a problem. A professional HVAC technician can often determine the problem by the noises they hear. North Country Aire will share and describe different noises that an air conditioner system makes and what is often the trouble.

Air Conditioner Makes Banging Noise when Starting

If you would describe the noise coming from your air conditioner as banging, this is bad news. First, make sure to always turn off the air conditioner when it makes any odd noise. The air conditioner compressor may have become loose, and you may hear a banging sound as a result. When a compressor becomes loose or damaged, and is make a banging noise, in most cases the compressor will need to be replaced. Rarely can it be repaired.

Air Conditioning Unit Making Buzzing or Humming Sound

If you are hearing a buzzing or humming noise, this is an electrical problem. You may hear it more on the outdoor unit. There are a number of electrical components that can be causing the buzzing noises. It could be a failing motor, broken capacitor, loose wiring, and problem with the compressor or arching. Arching is a term used when the electrical currents are escaping away from its intended path. As a result, it may cause sparking. Most electrical problems are easily repaired. However, electrical problems are dangerous and should always be repaired by a licensed technician.

AC Making Clicking Noises

When a clicking noise develops in your air conditioner unit, it can be due to a number of problems. One common situation is when the air conditioner fan is hitting an object when its spinning. If there is an object hitting the fan, it will only occur while the air conditioner unit is running. Another common problem that causes a clicking sound is when the air conditioner unit attempts to start up but fails. This is usually a sign of an electrical problem somewhere within the capacitor, compressor, or the thermostat.

Hissing Sounds from A/C Unit

Hissing sounds are when the air is being pushed through a small opening. Hissing that is heard from the air ducts are sign of a leak in the ductwork. You may hear hissing from the air conditioner unit itself. This is usually a problem with the expansion valve. Hissing can also be as simple as the air filters not seated correctly. Follow the sound of the hissing to determine the cause or seek professional assistance.

AC Making Loud Squealing Noise

Screeching is a sound that usually means trouble and is a problem. If your air conditioner unit is screeching, turn it off. Screeching can be due to a few different problems. It can be a bad compressor, which is breaking down due to basic wear and tear. It can also be a failing fan motor. The screeching may be the sound of two components rubbing against each other.

Central Air Conditioning Inspection, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Repair, Tune Up Maintenance & More in Cambridge, St. Francis, Oak Grove, North Branch & Greater Isanti, Minnesota

If your air conditioner has developed strange noises, seek help right away. North Country Aire can inspect and repair your home’s air conditioner. For quality HVAC services, contact North Country Aire today.

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