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Temperature Difference Between Upstairs & Downstairs in Athens Township, MN? How to Balance

Throughout Minnesota, many homeowners have noticed the uneven temperatures in their home; where it feels warm and stuffy in the bedroom, but nice and cool in the living room for instance. A red flag something is not right with the air conditioner or the cooling system is inconsistent temperatures in the home. There are a few causes that are generally more commonly the culprit though there quite a few sources that can be the problem. The result of uneven temperatures in your home is likely one of the common issues that we at North Country Aire has listed below.

Clogged Air Filter Symptoms

The air circulation plays a major role in distributing cool air equally and clogged air filters impact the overall efficiency of the HVAC system in a number of ways. HVAC experts recommend replacing your air filters every month to maintain comfort and efficiency to prevent the poor air circulation. As it is the simplest maintenance step homeowners can do, replacing the air filters cannot be advocated enough as it really makes a significant difference.

Blocking or Closing Air Vents & Supply Registers

Closed off fins, furniture or clutter blocking their venting path, or even layers of dirt and grime that is compacted on the surface can easily close off the vent and supply registers. Be sure to check on the vents and supply registers every so often and clear away furniture, clutter, as well as the dust and debris from off the surface to help the airways circulate. The cool air can get evenly distributed throughout your home more efficiently when the cool air can circulate.

Cleaning Return Air Vents

At the tops of your walls are the registers that you see around your home, these are the return vents. They collect the dust, dirt, allergens and pollutants, just like any other surface. In order to open pathways of air into your home and reduce the allergens and pollutants that make their way inside, it is recommended that homeowners use a vacuum’s hose to clean up the dirty intake vents.

Undersized or Insufficient Ductwork

To disperse and deliver the cooled air into the individual areas of the house, the air ducts are strategically designed. The cooled air cannot reach the specified areas of the home should the air ducts be inadequately designed, damaged, leaking, or blocked from accumulated dirt and debris that is causing obstruction to proper air flow. By neglecting inefficient ducts in your cooling systems performance, you are home’s comfort levels drop and you waste a considerable amount of money and energy. To improve the air ducts efficiency, a professional HAVC system service provider can evaluate the air ducts and discover any needed repairs or replacements.

Central AC Unit Size

Air conditioning units are not a one-size-fits-all appliance, despite the common misconception. You will notice a lot of discomfort should the unit is too small or too big. The home cannot adequately be kept cool if the unit is too small. Excessive operating costs and higher energy use and monthly bills are the result of a unit that it too large.

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If you are experiencing uneven temperatures in your home, call North Country Aire and we will find the culprit and help remedy the situation.

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