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Signs You Need to Replace Your Central Air Conditioner with a New AC System in Coon Rapids, MN

The air conditioner is not meant to last forever. Over time and use, the air conditioner eventually breaks down for good. Because the air conditioner is not a minor purchase, many are hesitant to invest in a new unit, especially if they can get a few more years out of the unit. Today, we at North Country Aire would like to share a few red flags that your air conditioner needs to be replaced.

Age of Air Conditioner

Air conditioners, depending on the quality of the manufacturing lasts on average, 10-20 years. If your air conditioner hits about 15 years and demonstrates other signs of failure it is very probable that it is in your best interest to replace the unit. Not only are older air conditioners unit on their last leg, but their energy efficiency and performance significantly drop as well as. Replacing the unit will show improvements in overall home comfort and energy usage.

Loss in AC Performance

As mentioned, as the air conditioner ages, the unit loses performance. When the air conditioner no longer functions, the comfort in the home takes a hit. It may start as warm pockets, or a decrease in maintaining the temperature, or simply refusing to turn on all together. In any case, if the unit is not performing to its full potential, especially if any other warning signs manifest, replacing your unit is likely inevitable.

Increased Air Conditioner Electricity Consumption

Often linked with age and reduced performance, the air conditioner can be bleeding energy, causing it to cost more to operate. As the unit ages and performance decreases, the unit continues to work at maintaining your set temperatures. The declining air conditioner works overtime trying to compensate for the loss, rising the energy needs as well as increasing your energy bill. When this happens, you will be saving money in the long run to replace the air conditioner.

Frequent Air Conditioning Repairs

The air conditioner that has been needing more and more repairs in the last two years is a sure sign that the unit is failing, particularly if the unit is old. Repairs that are needed often suggest the unit as a whole is failing and close to breaking down for good. Also, if the repairs are more than half the cost of a new one and the unit is over five years old, it will be better to invest in a new unit than drop money into a unit that has a high probability that it will breakdown for good in the not too distant future.

Air Conditioner Tune Up Maintenance

Air conditioners can last longer with routine care and professional maintenance. Air conditioners should at minimum, be serviced once every 12 months, but with the many maintenance services available, the more care you provide the longer it will last.

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When it comes time to replace the unit, there are many considerations. Size is important, energy efficiency, and quality are the primary focuses. For assistance with your replacement, call North Country Aire and our specialists will assist you.

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