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Common Furnace Problems in Cold Weather in Isanti, MN; Not Igniting, Not Turning On & More

When the furnace gives you fits, it can be frustrating to think of the repairs or potential replacement that might be needed. When the furnace is not operating efficiently, there can be a few things you can try first before calling for North Country Aire to inspect and repair accordingly. Today, we would like to offer some help to see if you can get your furnace back up to par.

Homeowner Solutions for Furnace Problems

Below are a few things for you to do if the furnace is not operating correctly.
Clogged furnace air filter: One of the biggest causes of furnace problems, and air conditioning problems as well, are clogged filters. A clogged filter can be a culprit if you flip the furnace on but doesn’t blow hot air very long. The dust and debris buildup on the filter significantly reduce the airflow, which will cause the furnace to shut down. Check to see if the air filters are filthy if your furnace is not working for long.
Thermostat: The thermostat can be causing the furnace to not work sufficiently. Programmable thermostats are frequently forgotten about from last spring, when temperatures were warming. Resetting the thermostat can be the solution. Verify the thermostat is set to heat, rather than “air” or “off.”
Tripped circuit breaker: On occasion, the furnace to trips at the circuit breaker, causing it to turn it off due to some reason. Near the furnace, here is a switch, resembling a light switch, that turns it on and off. Check the switch to make sure no one turned it off accidentally.

Furnace Troubleshooting; Not Igniting, Turning On & More

Furnace issues you need a pro for include:
Furnace ignition issues: Modern furnaces are equipped with either intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition to start the furnace instead of the standing pilot light. These newer modifications are more efficient, as they not constantly burning a small amount of gas to ready the furnace. Similar to the filament in an Edison light bulb, the hot surface ignition system is the most common. Electricity runs through the igniter and heats it up, when the thermostat signals the furnace to switch on. The igniter is a thin piece of metal and will not last forever, like a standard light bulb. In modern gas furnaces, other problems can occur with ignition. The furnace can keep the ignition system from working if the safety switch malfunctions, the computer board fails, or other issues emerge. In any case, it takes a trained technician to locate the problem and safely make efficient repairs. Older furnaces commonly have problems with the standing pilot light, which should be checked by a technician. In most cases, it is better to invest in an upgraded model.
Furnace burner requires a cleaning and/or adjustment: A lit furnace relies on a burner to heat the air that is then sent through the air ducts and dispersed into the home. The burner can be the issue due to a plethora of reasons. In some instances, the buildup of dirt and debris can be the issue, but others are a bit more involved. A professional can better find the underlying problem and take the proper steps.
Furnace belt and blower problems: Blower issues often derive from the belt, though there can be easily more serious problems. A high-pitched sound from the furnace suggests the blower belt or the blower itself. A qualified technician can remedy the blower and/or belt problems.

Furnace Inspections, Repair, Tune Ups & More in Cambridge, St Francis, Oak Grove, North Branch & Greater Isanti, Minnesota

When your furnace needs professional attention, call North Country Aire and let our specialists make the proper repairs safely and efficiently. Contact us today!

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