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Central Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak Causes, Symptoms & Recharge Services in Wyoming, MN;

Air conditioners play an important role during the warm seasons to ensure homes are kept cool and comfortable. Most do not give the air conditioner much thought until it is lacking efficiency or not working at all. When the area gets warm and humid, only then is their concern for the air conditioning unit. Implementing regular care and professional maintenance can help significantly reduce the risk of requiring repairs, but with normal wear and tear, some are to be expected from time to time. One of the common repairs air conditioners need is for refrigerant leaks and we at North Country Aire would like to share some basics on that today.

How Does Refrigerant Work in Air Conditioning Systems?

Air conditioners will often demonstrate signs of inadequacy by developing abnormal sounds, smells, leaving uneven temperatures, and other such manifestations. Though there are many common malfunctions, refrigerant leaks are an issue that frequently need repairs. Refrigerant is one of the primary ingredients to creating a cool and comfortable home. Refrigerant is a chemical that is cycled on a continuous loop to remove the heat from the air and leave behind the cool air. The refrigerant, along with the evaporator coil is contained in the indoor unit. During the process, the heat is drawn from the air and expelled outside and the cool air is distributed with the assistance of air ducts. To help release and disperse the warm air removed inside, the condenser and fans in the outside unit come into process.

AC Recharge Service

The performance and efficiency of the air conditioner is significantly hindered when the refrigerant is low. With a proper charge, or correct level of refrigerant, the cooling systems are designed to work efficiently. It is not normal to lose refrigerant as it continues to run on a loop as previously mentioned, it is not consumed like oil or gas is. No matter what the cause however, the you need a licensed HVAC system service provider to remedy the problem. A licensed pro are the only authorized personnel that can handle the refrigerant. Being the refrigerant is an expensive service to recharge, you want to ensure a professional makes a thorough search for leaks and makes proficient repairs. Refrigerant problems that are neglected not only drop the efficiency of your unit, but it increases the energy use and the bills, as well as leads to ice buildup on the coils which causes serious problems.

Central Air Conditioning Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Emergency Repairs, Tune Up Maintenance & More in Cambridge, St Francis, Oak Grove, North Branch & Greater Isanti, Minnesota

If you suspect refrigerant leaks, or a less likely cause that the unit was not properly charged at the time of installation, call in the experts of North Country Aire and let our certified technicians help you get the proper repairs done and unit charged according to the units specifications. If there are refrigerant leaks present, our experts will find all of the sources and ensure they are properly sealed and repaired. With qualified experts, we use advanced methods and equipment with premium products to deliver superior refrigerant leak repairs. Call North Country Aire today for your HVAC system repairs and our professionals will get them done quickly and effectively.

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